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Awning Cleaning Services

The Benefits Of Quality Awning Cleaning:

Whether your awnings were installed for signage purposes, shade or just to attract attention, you still want them to look good. The first impression your awnings make is very important. Factors as subtle as the cleanliness or basic overall maintenance of a business can greatly influence a consumer's decision as to where they will (or will not) shop. Any hint of exterior shabbiness or neglect can easily result in lost sales. Likewise, a well-kept exterior with attractive, clean awnings can make all the difference to a buyer's psyche . . . because "clean" is more inviting than "dirty" every time.

Extents The Life Of Your Awnings:

Regular cleaning and sealing will significantly extend the life of your awning material, while keeping the awnings looking great the entire time. Cleaning removes the pollution, dirt, bird droppings, mildew and other contaminants that cause the material to weaken and age prematurely. Also, regular application of a sealer with UV protectants helps protect the awnings against breaking down from sun damage.

Manufacturer's Warranty Cleaning Requirements Are Met:

In order to be upheld, most awning manufacturer warranties require some proof of cleaning. Manufacturers know quite well that awning materials deteriorate faster if they are not maintained, and often write their warranties accordingly. A record of cleanings serves as proof that failure (if any) of an awning's fabric was due to fabric defects rather than any lack of maintenance. Our gentle hand-clean process is the recommended method and all our cleaners are manufacturer approved.

A Regular Maintenance Program Is More Effective Than Infrequent, Haphazard Cleanings:

Just as you wouldn't drive your car for a year without changing the oil, you shouldn't leave your awnings neglected and uncleaned for a year's time. Preventative maintenance is vital for the protection of your awnings. If you wait until your awning looks really bad, you may have waited too long. Staining occurs when the usual list of suspects (pollution, dirt, bird droppings, mildew and other contaminants) are allowed to remain on the surface of an awning for an extended period of time. Left alone, the chemicals in these contaminants eventually cause the awning fabric to degrade which, as it weakens, becomes more and more prone to burning from the sun. Again, professional cleaning will safely remove these elements from your awnings.

Regular Cleaning Costs Less:

In economical, cost-effectiveness terms. "It is less expensive to maintain than it is to repair . . . " and this holds rue for awnings as well. An awning that is cleaned regularly is easier and faster to clean than one that is cleaned infrequently. It requires milder soaps and can be scrubbed more easily. For these reasons, keeping your awnings on a regular cleaning program will save you money on a per cleaning basis. And, as you know, awnings are a huge financial investment . . . one that deserves the protection of regular cleanings.

Professional Service Makes A Difference:

The image your company portrays begins with the exterior of your building, and your awnings are part of that image. Awnings represent a large investment in the appearance of your property. Professional awning cleaning can help you protect that investment.

Left unchecked, the elements quickly take their toll on everything outdoors . . . awnings included. After all, if awnings are designed to attract attention to your business or home, then what kind of first impression do dirty awnings make? Awning cleaning helps protect both your investment and your image..

Expect The Best:

When you use our expert services you know you are getting professional, knowledgeable service. We know what it takes to correctly clean an awning and we use the proper cleaners and tools to do the work. Irreversible damage can occur if too much water pressure is applied, or if the wrong cleaner or tool is used. So, don't be fooled by inexperienced companies that "go to school" on your job. As experts we provide:

  • Professional, trained crews
  • Manufacturer-approved cleaners and sealers
  • Gentle, hand-cleaning process
  • Cleaning of both the inside and outside of your awning


Expert Results

You know you can expect the best from us. Our trained crews treat your awning as if it were their own. We use only pre-tested, safety-guaranteed products on your awning. And, while it is always possible that older awnings may have staining, you can rest assured that everything possible will be done to make your awnings look their best.

Expect The Best!